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Pan de muerto con ceniza de totomoxtle / Totmoxtle Ash Day of the Dead Bread

¡Celebra y aprende más del Día de Muertos en familia! En esta clase virtual bilingüe para niños y adultos, aprenderás a preparar pan de muerto con ceniza de hoja de maíz (conocida como totomoxtle) con el panadero mexicano Eliceo Lara. Los participantes deberán proporcionar sus propios ingredientes y herramientas y tener acceso a un horno. Gratuito. […]


Why Do We Have Funerals?

Old Town Library 201 Peterson Street, Fort Collins

Have you ever considered getting an early start planning your funeral? Larimer Advance Care Planning will be here to discuss topics such as: What makes a “good” funeral? How can funerals be meaningful and personal? What are some of the most unusual funeral practices? Why is it important to plan your funeral ahead of time? […]


Día de Muertos Altars at The Gardens on Spring Creek

The Gardens on Spring Creek 2145 Centre Ave., Fort Collins

One of the most visual parts of the Día de Muertos tradition is the altar, a carefully crafted centerpiece of the annual celebration.  Each family or individual’s Día de Muertos altar is a complex and personal creation with incredible symbolism as each element included carries specific meaning.  To learn more about the the most important […]